Questions? Answers.

What is kharismah?
We build and design modern websites through Squarespace. We have years of experience and know the web-building platform very well. Maybe too well.

How exactly does the process work?
Whatever you want and whatever you need, we're here to make it happen. We'll build your new website and have it ready within 10-20 hours depending on the size and number of pages. We'll keep you posted during the process and let you know on how things are coming along. When the project is complete, we'll meet and show you how to handle and navigate through Squarespace's entire back-end. You'll be able to edit and design your site, as well as view your analytics, information, *eCommerce store, and much more.

Why Squarespace?
After using it on some of our first websites years ago, we realized, hands down, it's the best web-builder available. The platform is specifically user-friendly, fast, and simplistic. Squarespace has won numerous awards year after year for doing what they do.

Why not just do it ourselves?
If you're new to online web-building, regardless of the company, it can take months to learn how to use. Most of our clients don't have the time or patience to put in behind a computer, but that's where we come in. We'll build it and then teach you how to use it. So save your time.

Why choose kharismah?
We pay very strict attention to detail and design. You need both to have an eye catching website. You're great at what you do, so you need to have a great online appearance. Many agencies charge so much for a website, but we're not most agencies. We'll build you a website you need, at a price you deserve. We're here to work with you, not deny you.

How much does a website cost?
Depending on the projects size, we start at $95 per hour. We need to purchase Squarespace's *minimal plan and that is also charged separately, however we get 50% off the first year.

When would my website be finished?
Depending on our work overload and the size of your project, most of our clients sites are finished between 10-20 hours. Let us know if your project is a dire need emergency.

How will I be able to manage my site when its completed?
Upon completion, we will meet and walk you through Squarespace's entire back-end platform. Absolutely. You'll be able to access design options, page creation, analytics, blogs, eCommerce, information, billing and much more.

If you wanna make things easier on yourself, we can manage and upkeep the site for you.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We ask for a 50% deposit before we begin your project. Checks are the easiest, but we'll also accept cash or card. * Card payments are managed through Stripe.